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Only if you really understand you should attempt to consult. If you consult you must be ready to manage your own advice. When you manage you should be willing to invest in the enterprise.

startpage"The Charleston Enterprise Group was founded in 2012 to help businesses realize their growth potential. Experience based consultancy, hands on management and solid investment strategies. The clear focus on international logistics has led the company in its first year of existence to get involved with a wide range of companies.  Some of the top market leaders in search of growth strategies, mid size companies during merger and acquisition opportunities and small start-up companies in need of solid industry advice all became valued customers.

Often building on its experience in the highly competitive, sometimes cut-throat and fast pace international logistics arena, the Charleston Enterprise Group is supporting a growing number of very exciting, young innovative companies in the area of adventure sport and leisure activities."

"At first sight international logistics and adventure sports might be very different, at second sight they share much of the same ... Global engagement, tough competition and never ending excitement."